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About Calculator+VAT

Calculator+VAT started as a school project, 5 years ago, available for Android only via MIT's block-based app inventor. After having some ups and downs, mainlu due to App Inventor's limitations, Calculator+VAT turned to iOS and was built from the ground-up to the amazing app that it's today staying loyal and exclusive to Apple platforms, with a macOS version available as well.


App Features

Basic Calculator

The basic calculator functions that you'd expect from any mobile calculator app. Aside from the four main function you have square roots, percentage and memory functions.

Scientific Calculator 

Scientific mode includes quite a few more advanced math functions like power non-square roots, factorials, and many trigonometric functions.

VAT Calculator

It's in the name, couldn't be missing. The VAT Calculator especially designed for businessmen, it helps you add (or even remove) a set Value-Added Tax from a given price.



I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

Calculator + VAT combines three calculators in one app while most other apps have one purpose only (especially VAT ones). Additionally, Calculator+VAT is as customizable as possible featuring 8 different app icons to choose as well as 9 color themes to fill the app with color!

How often are there updates to the App?

Bug fixes are released as soon as bugs are spotted and fixed. Feature updates are being pushed every few months as it's only one developer working on this beautifully-designed app 👀


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